Glammed Up Designs Bridal Services

Meet the Owner

Mary Rodriguez

Licensed Cosmetologist

Bilingual - Fluent in English and Spanish

Mary has an impressive career in the beauty industry. She has worked for runway shows and esteemed cosmetic brands such as Makeup Up for Ever. Her versatility and adaptability are evident in her understanding of diverse styles and cutting-edge techniques, allowing her to cater to her client’s unique preferences with finesse and creativity.

Moreover, her expertise covers a broad spectrum of applications. She creates captivating looks suitable for film and photography and flawlessly radiant appearances for special occasions. Mary’s mastery encompasses a profound understanding of styling techniques, skincare principles, and cosmetic innovations.

As a true connoisseur of everything beauty, she dedicates herself to staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the industry. She commits to ongoing education and professional development to ensure that her clients receive the highest quality of service and care.

In addition, Mary is starting her personalized mentoring and coaching program to help others learn about the business of beauty. Focusing on business, diverse income, and career alignment. She aims to share her skills and help others succeed in the beauty world.

With Mary leading the way, you can trust her and her team to make your dreams come true. Whether you’re getting ready for a fancy photo shoot or a big party or want to feel extra special, Mary and her team will ensure you look amazing!